WEF excited about WHO treaty the fact-checkers say is no big deal

WEF excited about WHO treaty the fact-checkers say is no big deal

Pictured: Health officials discuss "Disease X" at a Jan. 17 session at the World Economic Forum.

WEF excited about WHO treaty the fact-checkers say is no big deal

Now that wealthy and powerful globalists at the World Economic Forum are supporting a United Nations plan to oversee the next global pandemic, a Republican congressman says that partnership makes two reasons to be concerned.

It is no secret the UN-funded World Health Organization has been working since 2021 to negotiate and finalize a pandemic agreement with the stated goal to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response. The international group that is meeting is called the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body, which was established in 2021 by the World Health Assembly. 

That plan involves the United States, which is technically not bound to abide by rules created within the WHO, but our country and 195 others are legally bound by the International Health Regulations that were adopted by the WHO back in 2005.

As a May date approaches for final approval of an agreement, conservative leaders such as Michele Bachmann have been warning anyone who will listen the U.S. is agreeing to give up our national sovereignty if another global pandemic comes.  

Johnson, Ron (R-Wisc.) Johnson

Another well-known name warning about a loss of freedom is Sen. Ron Johnson, the Wisconsin Republican. Last fall, the senator organized a Capitol Hill briefing to explain the WHO’s plans and to warn colleagues about the danger. 

Last week, speaking on the “Washington Watch” program, Johnson said he attempted to push back on the WHO with an amendment requiring the Biden administration to recognize the agreement as an international treaty. That would force a crucial vote in the Senate which approves international treaties.

“Every Republican, except the bill's sponsor, voted for my amendment that would have deemed those amendments a treaty subject to ratification in the Senate,” Johnson said. “And every Democrat voted against that.”

According to the mainstream media, there is nothing at all to worry about. A fact-checking article by The Associated Press, written a year ago, insists the U.S. retains its sovereignty and a second article by Reuters claims the same thing. 

“Any accord, if agreed by the WHO’s Member States, would be expected to include the respect and promotion of human rights as a core component – including the right to health – and to facilitate personal freedoms,” a WHO spokesman told Reuters for its fact-checking story that it now two years old.

Both fact-checking articles quote numerous experts who insist skeptics are silly and wrong but the articles fail to explain why the WHO has worked for four years on an international treaty with no power, especially after China's Wuhan virus swept across the planet. 

Those fact-checking articles mirror a May 2023 article published by the WEF itself. That WEF article dismisses "right-wing critics" who are concerned about ceding authority to the WHO.

The WHO "strongly refutes this," the WEF article says, "stressing that governments are leading the negotiations and are free to reject the accord."

Sen. Johnson also pointed to a World Economic Forum session, held Jan. 17, that praised the WHO and its work. That session pointed out the WHO is now warning of a future new disease it calls “Disease X” that could devastate the planet if countries are unprepared. 

“They did the pandemic, and now that the pandemic is passed and all the measures weren't completely adopted,” he said, “now they've got to make up ‘Disease X’ with a 20% mortality rate? I mean, this is sick.”

According to the WEF website, speakers at the forum two weeks ago included WHO director Tedros Ghebreyesus and a WEF health official named Shyam Bishen. They were joined on stage by the CEO of Royal Phillips, a medical technology firm, and by chairman of the board of AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical firm.

Those leaders are not concerned about public health, Johnson warned. They want “total control” and a “borderless world,” he said.