LAPD criticized for handing badge and gun to illegal aliens

LAPD criticized for handing badge and gun to illegal aliens

LAPD criticized for handing badge and gun to illegal aliens

After the famous LAPD began hiring illegal aliens for its police force, a law enforcement advocate says that decision creates a maze of problems in a profession that is already under assault.

After the California legislature amended state law to allow border-crossing illegals to wear a police uniform, the Los Angeles Police Department announced last December it had graduated six DACA recipients from the academy. Nine more are expected to graduate in a second class this spring, according to a Fox News story.

DACA is the acronym for “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” a 2012 executive order from the Obama administration that protected children and young adults from deportation.

Randy Sutton, founder of The Wounded Blue, says the LAPD now has “illegal alien cops” on the streets in a city famous for hating police officers.

“The police officers that are working there,” he says, “are under constant threat of being fired, terminated, brought up on charges for political purposes, and, of course, they have a district attorney there that loves to prosecute cops.”

California law currently forbids illegal immigrants from owning and carrying firearms but Sutton says Los Angeles took advantage of a loophole.

“The law, the way it was written, was to allow those who serve in the armed forces to, of course, possess firearms in the course of their duties,” Dutton says. “They have completely circumvented that law.”

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

That policy was approved by the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners in a unanimous vote, according to the Fox News story.

Sutton points out that most if not all illegal aliens who cross into the U.S. from Mexico do so with help from the powerful and deadly drug cartels. Many of those illegals are indebted to the cartels once inside the U.S.

“Background checks are absolutely essential for law enforcement to maintain a certain standard,” Sutton says. “How do you do a background check on those that are undocumented?”