Leaked 'manifesto' reminds Right how Left twisted mass shooting and blamed everyone except sick killer

Leaked 'manifesto' reminds Right how Left twisted mass shooting and blamed everyone except sick killer

Audrey Hale is seen in surveillance video taking aim inside Covenant School. 

Leaked 'manifesto' reminds Right how Left twisted mass shooting and blamed everyone except sick killer

The so-called “manifesto” of the Nashville school shooter has leaked, revealing the evil murderous plans of a young woman eager to kill, but the surprise release of Audrey Hale’s diary is also reminding the public how the Far Left brazenly defended a crazed killer and blamed everyone else for her mass murder.

Three pages of Hale’s writings have somehow been leaked to Steven Crowder, a bombastic and controversial talk show host. He published photos of the scrawled pages on Twitter Monday morning so the public can see what law enforcement authorities had been hiding from the public since the Covenant School massacre nine months ago on March 27.

Hale, who was 28, was a former elementary school student at the private Christian school. She killed six people in the school, including three children, before quick-reacting Nashville police located and killed her.

In her diary, Hale called the March 27 attack “DEATH DAY” and said she was “excited” about the attack that was an hour and seven minutes away. “I can’t believe it’s here. Don’t know how I was able to get this far, but here I am,” she chillingly wrote.

The diary was found on Hale’s body but local police and the FBI refused to release it to the public. The diary was in the hands of a judge over the summer as several lawsuits were demanding its release. An investigation is ongoing over how it was leaked. 

Can't criticize 'Trans Day of Vengeance' 

After reading the leaked pages, talk show host Richard Randall tells AFN he was surprised Hale did not mention being transgender, and lashing out at Covenant School and at a society in general.

“By not releasing it [law enforcement authorities] created a narrative where I think most people, including me, thought that this was some trans agenda against anybody who was heterosexual,” Randall says. “As I'm looking at this, I don't really see that.”

In fact, the bodies of the Covenant School victims were still warm when Far Left activists and the media rushed to defend Hale as a victim of a Christian school and even a victim of her strict Christian parents. A story by The Daily Mail said Hale had been “rejected” by her parents. A similar NBC News story spun the mass shooting to suggest the “trans community” was fearing a backlash.

Even when trans activists brazenly announced they were planning a “Trans Day of Vengeance” to defend the child murderer, Twitter was suspending the accounts of anyone who publicized and criticized the planned protest.

“In the perverse world of Leftist victimology,” Ben Shapiro summarized in a March 29 commentary, “this makes sense: If you are a member of a supposedly victimized group, you cannot be the victimizer; there must be another victimizer who has victimized you, turning you back into a victim.”

'We wanted to get in their faces'

That sudden pivot to make a mass murderer a victim also made Hale’s legally-purchased AR-15 rifle the perpetrator. Outside and inside the Tennessee State Capitol, thousands of left-wing activists were chanting “Ban assault rifles!” days after the shooting. Inside the Capitol, they accused Republican lawmakers of allowing the massacre by failing to pass stricter gun laws.

“People are heartbroken and angry,” a Nashville activist named Marya Abolfazli told ABC News 2. “And the sense of powerlessness is really, really strong because our legislatures generally try to ignore this stuff. So we wanted to get in their faces today.”

After the release of Hale’s diary, Abolfazli complained on social media about its release. “I do not live in a world where these writings need to be out in the world. I do not. I cannot. I am ill. This is awful.”

Hale’s diary pages also suggest the young woman had been taught and had accepted the anti-white premise of Critical Race Theory. In her writings, Hale wrote she was targeting the “little crackers” and their “white privilege” at Covenant School.

“So the Nashville Christians were slaughtered because of Critical Race Theory and wokeness,” Todd Starnes commented on social media. “Two generations now raised to believe that white people are evil.”

“The DOJ did not want an anti-white shooter manifesto to be seen by the public,” Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was killed in a 2018 high school shooting, wrote, “because the Bolshevik takeover of American leans on white people being asleep at the wheel.”

On the "Washington Watch" program, U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) said there was no good reason for law enforcement to keep the manifesto hidden from the public anymore. 

"They know who she was, what she did, when she did it," he said. "They've got most of it on film and obviously there's been an indoctrination of this  young lady." 

Editor's Note: This story has been updated with comments from Rep. Tim Burchett.