Parents, your kids' safety is on tomorrow's ballot

Parents, your kids' safety is on tomorrow's ballot

Parents, your kids' safety is on tomorrow's ballot

A family advocate says students in Loudoun County, Virginia have understandably had enough of their school district's dangerous policy.

Last week, 50-100 Woodgrove High School students in Purcellville walked out of their classes to protest the district's Policy 8040, which allows students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their choice.

At least one teen boy has used the policy to sexually assault two female students on two different high school campuses in the district.

That was one reason why Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) issued a guidance on the matter earlier this year, declaring that students' participation in certain school programming and use of school facilities like bathrooms or locker rooms should be based on the sex assigned at birth.

Loudoun County Public Schools, however, have ignored that.

Victoria Cobb, president of The Family Foundation of Virginia, says, "Loudoun County has a fundamental problem of adults not doing their jobs to protect children."

Cobb, Victoria (Family Foundation - Virginia) Cobb

So, her organization has been running the Protect Every Kid campaign to "louden" the voices of parents not just in Loudoun County, but in every district across the state. Cobb says it is for the students and the kids who want their schools to protect their privacy.

Regarding the student walkout, she tells AFN, "I'm pleased to see them exercising their voice, because it's become so urgent."

And Cobb reminds voters in Loudoun County that the school board is on the ballot tomorrow.

"All hands on deck for conservatives to vote and parents to step out and say, 'We need new school board members' in many of these places in order to make these policy changes," she submits.

"Change can be slow sometimes," Cobb adds, "but we hope that now, with the students' voice being added, the Loudoun County officials will finally take notice."

'Extremism' on abortion

Robert Knight, a conservative columnist for The Washington Times, lives in Virginia. He says Tuesday will be a "huge" election day in the commonwealth, where Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is trying to enact his conservative proposals on abortion, education, taxes, and other key policy priorities.

"The Democrats seem to be pinning all their hopes on abortion," Knight tells AFN. "If you look at the TV ads that are running in the Washington/Metro area for the Northern Virginia districts, it's all about abortion – and it's a very extreme view of abortion.

Robert Knight Knight

"Governor Youngkin has painted a different picture [pointing out that] Republicans are the reasonable people with reasonable limits on abortion. It's the Democrats who are extremists."

Knight is optimistic Republicans will do well, perhaps even capturing both houses in the legislature.

"That would be a big victory for Governor Youngkin," he states. "But it also be a sign that the people of Virginia don't want the whole Democratic regime of Bidenomics, the transgender extremism in schools, the critical race theory. All these are still powerful issues – and those are the issues that help the Republicans capture the House [in 2021]."

Knight adds that Democrats are desperately trying to fire the abortion gun as often as they can. "[They're] hoping that that will persuade enough women to vote Democrat. I'm not so sure it'll work," he concludes.

Robert Knight comments added after story originally posted.