Terror on the horizon – and America needs police with 'warrior' mindset

Terror on the horizon – and America needs police with 'warrior' mindset

Terror on the horizon – and America needs police with 'warrior' mindset

A law enforcement expert is hoping the U.S. will learn a lesson from the war in Israel and take steps to harden its police forces.


Forty-eight Israeli police officers lost their lives in the first 24 hours after Hamas terrorists parachuted into Israel and started slaughtering men, women, and children nine days ago. That's on top of the 265 Israeli military personnel who died. Randy Sutton of The Wounded Blue predicts that given the porous U.S.-Mexico border – and just the current situation culturally – terror of some sort will wash up on America's shores at some point … and the country needs to be ready.

"There will inevitably be more terror attacks in the United States," he tells AFN. "In Israel, the military is on the frontline. But in America it won't be the military – it will be local and city and county law enforcement that stands the line."

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

But Sutton says while Israeli police have been training for an attack like that of October 7, whatever American police officers haven't left the profession have been worrying about pronoun usage and alleged "racial justice." He argues that needs to change – quickly.

"I'm calling for two things: for the rebirth of the warrior mindset and the warrior spirit in law enforcement, and to train and properly equip law enforcement officers for combat," he shares.

And Sutton stresses that doesn't mean actually waging war, but being ready to do so: "The warrior spirit means that in an instant you must transfer your attitude, your tactics, your strategy into that of a combat soldier."

The veteran of three-plus decades in law enforcement says the Justice Department can either heed his warning – or wish they had. He's not optimistic. "It will take a serious attack with serious bloodshed to make them move off the dime," he warns.