Guv on crusade to disarm public just in time for 'Day of Rage'

Guv on crusade to disarm public just in time for 'Day of Rage'

Guv on crusade to disarm public just in time for 'Day of Rage'

A gun-rights activist is comparing New Mexico’s governor and her crusade to disarm the public to a Hamas leader calling for an Islamic crusade to kill the infidels. His warning to both is be careful what you push for.

Khaled Meshaal, a former Hamas leader, called on Muslims around the world to "apply the theory of jihad…among the free people of the world.” His so-called “Day of Rage” is today, October 13. 

Meanwhile, a federal court judge in New Mexico gave the go-ahead to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her unconstitutional plan to ban firearms in public parks and playgrounds in Albuquerque.

Stephen Willeford of Gun Owners of America says the timing could not be worse.

“We've let these people come across our border for how long now without any kind of restriction,” he complains. “And now you're going to tell law-abiding citizens, families that might go to a park, that they can't carry the gun to defend their children with?”

In the October 11 ruling, a federal judge denied a motion for an injunction, filed by gun rights groups. Those groups sought to temporarily stop the Governor’s public health order while lawsuits are working their way through the courts.

Gov. Grisham announced a “temporary” ban on firearms after several fatal shootings that involved minors but that unconstitutional ban was quickly challenged in the courts. Citing the Second Amendment, law enforcement authorities have also refused to abide by her unlawful order.

On the topic of gun rights, Willeford says the murderous atrocities in Israel might have been blunted if that country's strict gun control laws were not so severe. Israeli civilians are not allowed to own AR-15 rifles or even shotguns, and semiauto pistols are allowed with a permit that is difficult to obtain.

“Never before has it been so evident as what happened in Israel,” he says. “Here in America, that would not be so easily done.”