Hamas apologists stick to 'resistance' script but social media documents what mass murder looks like

Hamas apologists stick to 'resistance' script but social media documents what mass murder looks like

Hamas apologists stick to 'resistance' script but social media documents what mass murder looks like

Like the Hamas rockets that rained down on Israel over the weekend, social media is ablaze with blood-chilling speeches and eye-opening truth after Hamas terrorists unleashed a violent surprise attack in southern Israel that killed hundreds of Jewish civilians and injured thousands more.

Thanks to its unique, fast-moving format, social media was able to report hour by hour when Hamas terrorists broke through Gaza border barriers and went door to door killing Jews in their homes and gunning them down in the streets. In one sickening use of Facebook, a Hamas terrorist shot and killed a middle-aged woman in her home, then posted her death on her own Facebook page, according to the woman’s granddaughter.

“This is how we found out,” the granddaughter wrote in her own Facebook post.  

In another brazen attack, numerous Hamas attackers used paragliders to descend on a music festival and open fire on attendees. More than 250 bodies had been recovered by Sunday on the grounds of the festival in the Negev Desert, according to a Forbes article. Footage of that attack, which can be viewed here, shows concertgoers running for cover as automatic gunfire can be heard popping off around them. The festival’s security guards can be seen, too, armed with only pistols.

As the weekend ended, Israel’s death toll was estimated to be 800 deaths and 2,400 injuries.

In a 40-second clip posted Monday to its official Twitter account, the State of Israel showed the world evidence of that carnage, bloodshed, and violence in an unflinching video that showed female victims of Hamas and its attacks.  

Hamas 'mainly' attacked military

In a clip from CNN posted to Twitter, foreign correspondent Fareed Zakaria summarized the weekend of murder when he interviewed Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti, who was interviewed in his home in the West Bank.

“What Hamas is doing,” Zakaria began, “is they are targeting Israeli civilians: women, children, grandmothers---”

“No, they are not,” Barghouti politely interrupts.

Barghouti, a former Palestinian “information minister,” then suggests that Hamas “mainly” attacked military targets and “most” people kidnapped are soldiers, which is not quite a denial of mass murder. 

Ben Shapiro, whose Twitter account has 6.1 million followers, literally dared the public to ignore the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Israelis.

“Force yourself to look at the videos of what Hamas did over the weekend. LOOK,” Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, wrote. “This is what moral equivalence brings. Rape of women. Kidnapping of children. Murder of hundreds of innocents, including full families.”

Slaughtered concertgoers called kidnapped 'hipsters'

Thanks again to social media, the public is able to see what Shapiro meant by “moral equivalence.” During a “pro-Palestinian” march in New York City, which was held outside the Israeli consulate, one speaker happily tells the cheering crowd about the attack on the music festival.

“As you might have seen, there was some sort of rave or desert party, where they were having a great time until the resistance came in electrified hang gliders and took at least several dozen hipsters,” the speaker recalled. “I think they’re doing very fine despite what The New York Post says.”

The man then hands off the microphone to a young woman, said to represent the “Palestinian youth movement,” who celebrates the weekend of bloodshed.

“Thank you all for being here for raising your voices to celebrate the glorious victory of the resistance," the woman tells the crowd to more cheers. 

In a Twitter post summarizing the view of many, Dr. Michael Brown shamed those celebrating the weekend of attacks. “No matter what your position is on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, if you rejoice over the slaughter of Israeli women, children, babies, and the elderly, your heart is evil,” he wrote.

Back on his Twitter account, Shapiro angrily reacted to the United Nations asking for a “truce” after footage showed Israel bombing numerous targets in Gaza on Monday. His reply, which cannot be published here, bluntly told the UN what it could do with his request.