Simple truth again overcomes a lie

Simple truth again overcomes a lie

Simple truth again overcomes a lie

A traditional values group in the U.S. has had success in Britain simply by telling the truth about homosexuality.

While it is known for its successes in the United States, Mass Resistance is also working in other nations. An example is the United Kingdom, where Parliament for five years has felt the brunt of the pressure to ban alleged "conversion therapy."

Schaper, Arthur (MassResistance) Schaper

"That's a misnomer by the Left to make it seem like it's a forced religious experience when [in fact] it's a cognitive therapy that deals with underlying traumas, confusions, abuses, etcetera," says Mass Resistance spokesman Arthur Schaper. "[But] there was a push to ban counseling therapy under [that] guise."

Mass Resistance helped British conservatives mount a campaign against the ban. Schaper explains why LGBTQ advocates fought for passage of the ban.

"It exposes the truth that people are not born homosexual, that they're not born in the wrong body, and that the result from trauma or abuse can be resolved," he tells AFN. "And the more that that truth is presented and promoted, we are on a strong path to ending this agenda entirely."

As a result of conservatives' efforts to simply tell the truth, the move to ban reparative therapy was halted – and homosexuals and transgenders in the U.K. will continue to have the therapy available to deal with their psychological problems.