None so blind as California's leaders

None so blind as California's leaders

None so blind as California's leaders

A conservative activist says the legislation that's being passed by California lawmakers is more proof of the Left's stranglehold on the state.

The Golden State wants to allow striking workers to collect unemployment – eliminating the downside of their choosing to walk the picket line. A doctor could lose his license if he or she strays from the accepted COVID narrative. Transporting a child without their parents' knowledge is okay, as long as it is for an abortion or for "gender-affirming care."

Brad Dacus of the California-based Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) says liberals are grooming the next generation.

Dacus, Brad (PJI) Dacus

"Even worse is what's happening in the public schools," he tells AFN. "In addition to being academically inferior, they are actually engaging in toxic indoctrination all the way down to the kindergarten level."

In his view, the Left in California is going beyond Democrat, beyond liberal, beyond progressive, and it is costing the state.

"Without question, California is still headed in the wrong direction," Dacus laments. "It's becoming more and more socialist; capital and jobs are leaving the state."

Meanwhile, those in charge do not seem to care.

"The Left has a supermajority in both the state Assembly and the state Senate," the attorney notes. "That, along with the governor, spells a huge petri dish of experimentation with terrible, terrible outcomes."

Dacus adds that Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is looking for a national platform.

"He is pro-criminal, he is against parental rights, he is for increased taxes, [and] he's anti-liberty," the PJI founder details about his governor. " Other than that, he's probably a nice guy."