ALA's providing all the 'activation energy' needed to leave it

ALA's providing all the 'activation energy' needed to leave it

ALA's providing all the 'activation energy' needed to leave it

The executive director of a new alternative to the ALA says libraries across the country rightly continue to question their relationship with the world's oldest and largest library association.

Dan Kleinman, who launched the World Library Association to rid public libraries of the LGBT indoctrination materials the American Library Association (ALA) wants to keep on the shelves, notes that Emily Drabinski, a self-proclaimed lesbian, has taken over as president of the ALA.

He points out that the ALA officially ignores the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1982 that such garbage can be removed.

Kleinman, Dan (World Library Association) Kleinman

"Never mind that; now we've got the Library Bill of Rights from the American Library Association of Chicago, Illinois that … we're going to make it so that it's age discrimination to keep children from seeing inappropriate material," Kleinman details.

Adding that the ALA's new president also has Marxist ties, he says the problem goes deeper than pornographic content. Drabinski even spoke at a recent Marxist gathering.

"This research about her stating to all these other Marxists that we need to get them engaged in getting libraries to be converted into sites for social activism should be the activation energy needed to get these other groups over the hill and start dropping out of the American Library Association," Kleinman submits.

That, he tells AFN, is happening, and his World Library Association is growing because of what the ALA is doing.

"It's literally working to destroy the communities that they claim they're there to help," he says of the ALA.