Guv expected challenge from gun owners – and she got it

Guv expected challenge from gun owners – and she got it

Guv expected challenge from gun owners – and she got it

A pro-Second Amendment organization has filed a lawsuit against the governor of New Mexico over what it believes is the unconstitutional suspension of the Second Amendment in that state's largest city.

The sheriff in Bernalillo County vowed Monday not to enforce an emergency order by Governor Lujan Grisham to ignore the Second Amendment and temporarily suspend the right to carry firearms in public in and around the city of Albuquerque. More details...

Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is facing calls for removal after signing an emergency public health order that temporarily suspends laws that allow citizens in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County to openly and secretly carry guns. Police and licensed security guards are exempt from the temporary ban.

The order, issued on Friday, was in response to a recent spate of child-involved shootings there. Critics have jumped on the move, set to last at least 30 days, as an "overreach of governmental power" – and simply unconstitutional.

AFN contacted Gun Owners of America and spoke with that group's legislative counsel, Mike Hammond. "It's leftists just running up against judicial and statutory limitations on their power to infringe on the Second Amendment and deciding they'll do whatever they want," he shared.

The governor (left) said she expects legal challenges to her order – and GOA has obliged. Late Saturday the group, along with the Gun Owners Foundation, filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the governor's order and requesting a temporary restraining order.

Lujan Grisham admitted in a news conference that criminals are not going to obey her gun ban; and that not everyone, specifically law enforcement personnel stationed in her home state, are on board with her decision.