1MM: Mutilation isn't glamorous

1MM: Mutilation isn't glamorous

1MM: Mutilation isn't glamorous

A moms' group says to the detriment of readers, an online publication that targets teen girls continues to push boundaries.

Noting that Teen Vogue has graphically promoted abortion and other inappropriate content to young readers in the past, Monica Cole of One Million Moms (1MM) says the magazine is now "glamorizing" mutilation.

Cole, Monica

"The latest is the shocking content of them trying to normalize gender reassignment surgery," she reports. "As we know, this could be devastating for anyone, much less someone at such a young, vulnerable age, to make such a life-changing decision."

Teen Vogue has published an interview with Liv Hewson, an actress who identifies as nonbinary and is attempting to justify her decision to remove her breasts so as to appear androgynous.  

In response, 1MM is encouraging parents to block Teen Vogue's website from their family's home computers and mobile devices. A petition campaign has also been launched.

"One Million Moms is asking moms to sign our petition letting Teen Vogue know that we're extremely disturbed that their publication is glorifying nonbinary gender surgeries to teens by promoting gender reassignment surgeries," Cole relays. "We're asking moms to get behind us and sign this petition as well to let their voice be heard."

She also encourages parents to talk with their teens about the fact that, in addition to being unsafe, amputating healthy body parts is "never normal."

"In this article, Teen Vogue encourages teens to make decisions that cause heartache, regret, grief, anguish, and depression," 1MM submits.