Trans push getting pushback

Trans push getting pushback

Trans push getting pushback

Parents, politicians, and activists continue to hash out the Biden-driven transgender push in the states, specifically how it affects minors and female athletes.

In Wisconsin, a Bill Clinton-appointed judge has blocked the implementation of a district policy that would keep biological boys out of girls' bathrooms.

The Mukwonago Area School District unanimously passed a policy last month to require students to use all facilities on the basis of biological sex rather than gender identity.

McConkey, Steve (4 Winds Christian Athletics) McConkey

In a lawsuit filed by a mother on behalf of her 11-year-old son who identifies as a girl, U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman granted a temporary restraining order against the district, blocking implementation of the new policy because he agreed that it was causing "emotional and mental" harm to the student, as the lawsuit alleged.

Steve McConkey of 4 Winds Christian Athletics thinks the school district needs to fight this.

"I find this very troubling, because this is going to go against the grain of parents and common sense," he comments. "The vast majority of people in that school, they do not approve of this."

McConkey sees transgender affirmers as child abusers.

"Any school official that promotes this, or any parent that promotes this, they should be charged with a crime," he contends. "That sounds a little bit steep, but that's the way it should be. This is child abuse, and they're harming this kid mentally."

The lawsuit alleges that school district officials have monitored the student and require the 11-year-old to use a gender-neutral or boy's restroom.

Judge Adleman reportedly wrote in his decision that providing a gender-neutral alternative is "not sufficient to relieve the school district from liability, as it is the policy itself which violates [Title IX]."

About Title IX

On the other end of the spectrum, moms in Arizona are fighting to protect their daughters as trans activists are suing to remove the state's ban that stops biological males from competing in female sports.

Kim Miller, president of Arizona Women of Action, recently shared with Fox News that this is "very serious" and dangerous to female sports and to Title IX as a whole.

Miller, Kim (AZWOA) Miller

"What it's going to do is basically eliminate female sports," Miller warned. "They will not be able to play and compete on a level playing field because they'll be forced to compete with biological males. That's exactly why the state voted last year to instate the Save Women's Sports Act that really protected Title IX and the rights of girls to compete and be safe in their sport and reap the benefits of their hard work."

"Having to be forced to not only play against biological males, but also to share bathrooms and locker rooms, when girls at her age are already insecure about their bodies -- having to share that private space would be a great impact," Anna Van Hoek added, speaking of her own daughter.

Tom Horne, the Arizona superintendent of public instruction, agrees, saying that it is "cosmically unfair" to girls who have taken sports seriously and worked hard to excel and earn college scholarships to be forced into futile competition with males who have a biological advantage.

Politicized bias

Utah's governor laments the difficulty of accessing sound information on the transgender issue in this country.

As a guest on CBS' "Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan," Governor Spencer Cox (R) was recently asked about Utah's passage of a law banning so-called "gender-affirming" treatments for minors, specifically whether the law provides any assistance or talk therapy to gender-confused kids.

Cox, Spencer (R-Utah) Cox

"Yes," the governor asserted multiple times. "Not only that, but one of the things that's gotten lost in this bill … is we actually appropriated state money to help kids who are struggling to get the type of therapy that they need to get through this very difficult time … until they're an adult, until their brain is mature enough to be able to make this decision for themselves."

He further touched on the fact that while there are no known benefits to affirming a patient's perceived gender, the known harms are covered up.

"It's been impossible, I believe, to get good information here in the United States right now, because half the country doesn't want to touch it, and the other half is convinced that they already know the answer," Gov. Cox submitted.

In America, he said liberal media outlets seem to only be seeking and regurgitating information from extremely politicized medical organizations that are unsubstantially promoting the treatments. Meanwhile, several European countries have halted or seriously diminished their gender-affirming offerings to minors because research indicates that gender manipulation only harms the patients.