Science or social contagion?

Science or social contagion?

Science or social contagion?

Research indicates that an increasing number of kids – particularly girls – are deciding they're transgender simply because they think it's cool.

According to a report out of Virginia Tech, 80% of people who identify as transgender are from the U.S.

Mandel, Bethany (book editor) Mandel

Researchers report a significant increase in the number of people who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria, and on average, girls are seeking "gender-affirming care" at 11 years old. The average age for boys is 13.

"More and more young people are self-identifying with gender dysphoria, and it's starting earlier and earlier," notes conservative columnist Bethany Mandel.

Trans advocates credit social acceptance for the uptick, but Mandel does not think the data supports that claim. Meanwhile, those closest to the children see a completely different reason.

"The basis of their gender dysphoria, these parents believe, is actually social media and social contagion," the columnist relays.

World Net Daily columnist and Americans for Truth President Peter LaBarbera says adults are pushing children into an agenda.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

"What's astonishing is the medical communities acting as if this is all fact and science," he laments. "We know this is a social contagion. We know it's especially hitting the young girls hard."

And he says they are targeting younger and younger kids all the time.

"They had toddler books, picture books, promoting gender ideology, including 'identify your gender identity' and 'pick your pronouns,'" he shares about what he found recently at his local library. "This is for kids who are learning how to read. This is an insidious, evil agenda."

In response to the ongoing fad, the Ohio House recently passed two bills.

"Parents show they have a fundamental right concerning their children's education and their wellbeing. They're not interested in seeing their children taken through an indoctrination course," responds John Stover of Ohio Value Voters.

Stover, John (Ohio Value Voters) Stover

The bill banning transgender treatment for minors and the amendments to the Save Women's Sports Act and the Parents' Bill of Rights easily passed in the House. He expects the Senate to do the same, but he is concerned Governor Mike DeWine (R) will veto the Save Women's Sports Act.

"He thought the Ohio High School Athletic Association should address the issue here," Stover relays.

And while he thinks the Parents' Bill of Rights should be a nonpartisan issue, Stover is unaware of any House Democrat voting for either measure.

Even if the governor vetoes either bill, there is a good chance the Republican-controlled House and Senate will override it.