Reclaiming that which has been 'hijacked'

Reclaiming that which has been 'hijacked'

Reclaiming that which has been 'hijacked'

A messianic rabbi says it's time for faithful followers of Jesus Christ to "reclaim the rainbow."

The term "gay" used to mean happy ... until the homosexual community appropriated it to describe the lifestyle. Then LGBT activists co-opted the rainbow -- which is a symbol from God to man -- as a symbol for that deviant lifestyle.

Well-known Messianic Rabbi K.A. Schneider of the Discovering the Jewish Jesus television program tells AFN the rainbow is mentioned numerous times in the Bible.

"The rainbow was very much a part of the fabric of God's revelation to us," he explains, "and yet the LGBT community has hijacked it. It's time for God's people to stop being intimidated, to stop being silent and to speak out."

Schneider's ministry has launched a T-shirt campaign, encouraging believers to join its Taking the Rainbow Back movement.

"As God's people, we can reclaim the rainbow for the glory of God, push back the darkness of the LGBTQ agenda, and create hope for those who are living in darkness and oppression and confusion," the rabbi urges. "We can help them find Jesus. We can help them find the light."

He is hopeful those who join the movement will continue wearing the shirts long after the "collective action weekend" (July 28-30), visiting public places and encouraging others to take the rainbow back.