Few still buying what Disney's selling

Few still buying what Disney's selling

Few still buying what Disney's selling

With Disney continuing to crash at the box office, a critic of media bias says the corporation seems intent on selling woke and going broke.

Despite the unsuccessful results of featuring a homosexual kiss in the most recent Buzz Lightyear film, Disney introduced its first "non-binary" character in the latest Pixar animated picture, "Elemental." Said to have a budget of $200 million, the movie's opening weekend of $29 million was the lowest in Pixar's 28-year history.

Over the last several months, Disney has reportedly lost $900 million on its feature films. The pro-LGBTQ "Thor: Love and Thunder" and "Strange World" join "Lightyear" and "Elemental" in contributing to that.

Don Irvine of Accuracy in Media says the entertainer is no longer reading the room.

Irvine, Don (Accuracy in Media) Irvine

"The failures of a lot of the recent films just shows that they're not in tune with their audience anymore," he tells AFN. "They think they need to be on this politically correct level, this woke level."

Meanwhile, the parents who grew up on Disney's G-rated content continue to be disappointed by the incessant indoctrination and virtue signaling.

"As someone who had raised my children on Disney products... it's quite a change," Irvine laments.

According to reel analysts, eight of Disney's most recent studio releases have flopped, and the company has so far gone through three rounds of layoffs in an effort to balance the budget. Even Latondra Newton, Disney's "diversity chief" suddenly left her position last week.

Outside the movie theatre, Disney continues to fight Florida over the Parental Rights in Education Act, the new law that protects elementary aged students from being exposed to sexual content in the state's public schools.

Noticing the pattern of interjecting "woke ideology" into all of its storylines, Irvine says the company is no longer using woke to sell its products; it is using its products to sell woke.