AI outs its bias in simple task about biology and sports

AI outs its bias in simple task about biology and sports

AI outs its bias in simple task about biology and sports

A simple request from a tech-savvy female athlete is exposing a left-wing bias in ChatGPT, the popular but controversial artificial intelligence chatbot.

Macy Petty, an NCAA volleyball player at Lee University, wanted to tweet her belief that men should not be playing in women's sports. When she struggled to condense her words for Twitter’s word limit, he asked ChatGPT to help. Instead, the bot scolded Petty for not being inclusive and offered to help her make her tweet more woke.

“Sports should be accessible and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of gender,” the robot told the female volleyball player.

Michael Morris of the Media Research Center tells AFN the college student stumbled onto the dangerous bias of artificial intelligence. He cites research conducted by David Rozado, of the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, who tested 15 AI platforms to gauge their bias. Only one test found ChatGPT is centrist politically.

Morris, Michael (MRC) Morris

“While all remaining 14 tests in the studies,” Morris advises, “indicated that AI had a left-leaning political view.”

Rozado, describing his research in a Twitter post, said ChatGPT also lied during his research. While explicitly denying any political bias, its left-leaning viewpoints were plainly apparent.

In a Fox News interview, Petty said female athletes are facing a hostile environment, including from authority figures, when they speak up for women-only sports.

“We know we have to stand up to giants,” she said. “I just didn’t know AI was one of them.”