Legislators confused about who's abusing kids

Legislators confused about who's abusing kids

Legislators confused about who's abusing kids

Parents are not keen on the moves their lawmakers are making to criminalize parenthood.

The California Assembly is considering a bill (AB 957) that would penalize parents as child abusers if they do not agree to "affirming" treatments, including surgeries, for their gender-confused children.

Sarah Perry of The Heritage Foundation calls the bill a parent's nightmare.

"It actually gives the state the power to be able to come in and divest those parents of their custodial interests in the child under that particular theory of abuse," she reports.

Such a child could become a ward of the state.

Perry deems it a gross violation of parental rights, a ghoulish approach to medicine, and a travesty of justice.

Sarah Perry Perry

"California has decided they're going to be the first out of the gate to essentially mandate gender medicine treatment for the minor children of that state," she laments. "Parents in California, if your child is expressing gender dysphoria, it might be time for you to leave."

Under the bill, schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations in contact with gender-confused minors would have to affirm the child's gender fantasy or face the possibility of being charged with child abuse.

Elsewhere on the West Coast, other lawmakers are already interfering with the rights of parents.

Governor Jay Inslee (D-Washington) has signed into law SB 5599, a bill the state legislature approved earlier this year that invites minors with gender dysphoria to run away from their families in other states and come to The Evergreen State for refuge.

Land, Dawn (parental rights advocate) Land

"Children who run away from home and are seeking, they call it, reproductive care or gender-affirming care, [their] parents will not be told where their children are," details Dawn Land, head of a housewives' group that has launched a referendum drive to overturn the law. "The state will hide them and house them in host homes."

The state will also proceed with gender manipulation, including with hormones and surgeries, without parental knowledge. Moreover, the law names unsupportive parents as child abusers.

"If you have a child who thinks that they're a different sex, that they're the opposite of what they really are -- if you don't affirm that, then you are considered an unfit parent," Land reports.

Furthermore, if the child ever encounters his or her biological parents again, the parents have to address their child using incorrect, preferred pronouns.

Land and others are circulating petitions to overturn it.

"We're shooting for 200,000 signatures," she relays.

If enough signatures qualify, then an election will be set to give Washington voters a say on the issue.

In New Mexico, radical leftists seem to be getting agitated as citizens revolt against two laws concerning students seeking abortions and gender manipulation treatments and surgeries behind their parents' backs. HB 7 in particular is called "the most radical healthcare bill in the nation."

Elisa Martinez of the New Mexico Alliance for Life says and petitions are circulating throughout the state for an election where citizens can overturn the two laws, but Secretary of State Maggie Oliver (D) wants to put a stop to the effort.

Martinez, Elisa (NM Alliance for Life) Martinez

"First of all, she doesn't have the right to do so," Martinez begins. "We're asking the courts to clarify what exactly is her authority, as it is nowhere outlined in the Constitution of New Mexico. The only authority she has in this matter is to recommend and approve the form of these petitions, not the subject matter of the petitions."

The participating organizations have filed in six court jurisdictions to get some answers, and liberals in the state are reportedly getting nervous.

"They know that we are within our legal and constitutional rights to move forward to put these bills up for a vote before the people of New Mexico and that the people of New Mexico simply do not support this radical agenda of forcing medical procedures and mutilation procedures, reproductive health procedures onto our children without any parental involvement," Martinez asserts.

Thousands of New Mexico residents have signed the petitions so far.