Photo resurfaces of KY guv posing with Christ-mocking drag queens

Photo resurfaces of KY guv posing with Christ-mocking drag queens

Photo resurfaces of KY guv posing with Christ-mocking drag queens

A controversy involving Kentucky’s Democrat governor is resurfacing because he once cited his faith after he posed with a group of notorious Catholic-mocking drag queens.

The photo (pictured above) from 2020 shows Gov. Andy Beshear posing with the Kentucky chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The homosexual group, which mocks the Catholic faith and even Christ’s death on the cross, has made headlines after the LA Dodgers disinvited the group to a “Pride Night” event at Dodgers Stadium.

The group’s mockery of Christianity is blatant and perverse. It includes mocking and sexualizing Christ’s beating and His execution on the cross, which Sisters does every year on Easter weekend. The group and its sickening behavior were largely unknown until outraged Catholics learned about the "Hero" award and convinced the Dodgers to disinvite Sisters. That decision was reversed with a groveling apology after the baseball team was accused of “homophobia” and “bigotry" by homosexual activists and the media. 

Beshear defended posing with group

Beshear, who is seeking a second term in November, is facing Republican Attorney General David Cameron on the ballot. Beshear was attorney general in 2019 when he squeaked out a win with a 49%-48% win over then-Governor Matt Bevin. 

A year later, in the 2020 photo at a “gay rights” rally, Beshear posed with members of the Derby City Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a chapter of the San Francisco-based group that jokingly calls itself an  “Order of queer and trans nuns.”

Despite such behavior, Beshear told a news outlet three years ago he would “absolutely take that picture again” because his faith requires him to treat others with respect. 

Gov. Beshear attends Beargrass Christian Church, a Disciples of Christ church. It describes itself as an “open-minded” congregation, a tell-tale sign of liberal orthodoxy.

Cameron calls Sisters 'hate group'

David Walls, who leads Family Foundation of Kentucky, tells AFA the Democrat governor has not changed his moral stance since that photo was taken.

“Unfortunately the reality is,” Wall laments, “that our governor's policy positions really just reinforce his willingness to toe the line of the LGBT moral revolutionary movement.”

During the most recent legislative session, in fact, Gov. Beshear vetoed a bill that protects children from life-altering gender mutilation surgery. The state legislature overrode his veto, however.

According to Walls, it will be “very interesting” to watch if Gov. Beshear tries to distance himself from Sisters in light of its Dodgers controversy considering his defense three years ago - and a state election in five months.

In a radio interview last week, Cameron (pictured above) called Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence a "hate group" and slammed Gov. Beshear for defending its behavior. 

"Know that come November, Andy Beshear can stand with those folks if he wants to but he won't be doing it as the governor of Kentucky, that's for sure," the Republican predicted.