The devil got a foothold, and the shift was almost instant

The devil got a foothold, and the shift was almost instant

The devil got a foothold, and the shift was almost instant

A Christian apologist says the U.S. government and culture are suddenly demanding things that were once unthinkable.

Just a few short years ago, if a pornographic book were given to a child, someone would have been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But late last month, a judge in Texas ruled that pornographic children's books must be returned to a public library's shelves.

With the Biden administration and several states and major medical associations fighting to mutilate children's bodies, Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation says the shift has been remarkably sudden.

"The near instantaneous mainstreaming of the transgender fairytale is just proof of how people, as the old saying goes, if they don't stand for something, they'll fall for anything," he laments.

If medical professionals were ignorant of the risks of, for example, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), that would be one thing. But ignorance is not the issue.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

"HRT makes young adults susceptible to 17 types of cancer that they otherwise wouldn't have," Dr. McFarland relays. "I interviewed an oncology doctor on the East Coast [who] said to transition with HRT is to give yourself cancer."

Nevertheless, America is rushing headlong over the cliff.

"President Joe Biden says that to withhold transitioning surgery and hormone therapy is sin," McFarland notes. "This man that has no convictions whatsoever in his vacant soul would dare to lecture the rest of us on sin."

The apologist thinks people would do well to remember that in the eyes of Almighty God, there is pure wickedness. And he does not look favorably upon it (Habakkuk 1:13).