Vaudeville hook inches closer to drag queens

Vaudeville hook inches closer to drag queens

Vaudeville hook inches closer to drag queens

Kentucky is making moves to protect children from being influenced by inappropriate sources, at least in public spaces.

David Walls of The Family Foundation of Kentucky explains that lawmakers in his state have advanced SB 115, an act relating to adult-oriented businesses that would limit drag queen performances in the state.

"Over the last several years here in Kentucky and across the nation, we have seen a growing problem of adult, sexual performances targeting children," Walls observes. "Whether that be in our public libraries [or] in our schools, there has been a coordinated effort to push hypersexualized performances that are just completely inappropriate on children."

Republican lawmakers on Thursday advanced the bill, which its lead sponsor, Senator Lindsey Tichenor (R), insists is "not anti-LGBTQ."

"This bill is pro-children," she says. "For some reason, people want this type of content in front of children. And I would dare ask, why? Why do we need to sexualize our children?"

Walls is not surprised that an organization called Drag Queen Story Time Kentucky is totally against the measure.

Walls, David (The Family Foundation) Walls

"It's an effort to further indoctrinate and open children up to inappropriate ideologies that we know are ultimately harmful," he tells AFN. "It's time to take some commonsense protections here in Kentucky to say any adult-oriented performances have no place being performed when children are around, and certainly not on public property like libraries and schools."

Violators would face misdemeanor charges the first two instances, and subsequent violations would graduate to a felony. Businesses hosting such performances could have their alcohol and business licenses suspended or revoked.

Associated Press notes that the Tennessee Legislature recently became the first in the country to pass a bill banning public drag performances by classifying them as adult cabaret, among topless dancers, go-go dancers, exotic dancers, and strippers. Several other states, including Idaho, North Dakota, Montana, and Oklahoma, are considering similar bans.

Kentucky's SB 115 has been approved by a Senate committee.