A library invited drag queens in, threw protesting preacher out

A library invited drag queens in, threw protesting preacher out

A library invited drag queens in, threw protesting preacher out

A Canadian pastor facing misdemeanor charges for disrupting a library’s all-ages drag queen program says he has no regrets for fighting wickedness and is urging others to speak out no matter the consequences.

UPDATE: Republican lawmakers on Thursday advanced a bill aimed at putting limits on drag shows in Kentucky. The measure would prohibit drag shows on public property or in places where the adult performances could be viewed by children. Read more here ...

At the Calgary Public Library, the “Reading with Royalty” story time was interrupted Feb. 25 when Derek Reimer, an outspoken and well-known street preacher, stood up in protest and preached the gospel to the crowd in a library room.  

A video posted online shows what happened next: After refusing to leave, Reimer was literally tossed out the door (pictured below) by two men who were attending.

Reimer eventually left the premises to avoid trespassing charges but is now being charged with mischief and causing a disturbance.

In an interview with AFN, Reimer says the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality even if it has gained worldwide acceptance.

“And we stand against that. And we come across rebuking, exposing, but inviting people into the gospel of Jesus Christ,” he says. “But they have to understand that this is wrong and wicked and sinful.”

That was the unwelcomed message Reimer preached inside the library room and then outside the room after he was kicked out.

“Homosexuality is wrong,” he told a library employee.

In the video, a library employee complained to a second Mission 7 worker, identified as Ray Friesen, that children are present meaning they were disturbed by the confrontation.  

“They’re being indoctrinated with evil,” Friesen responded.

Drag queen program's ages are '0-8'

Reimer, who leads a homeless ministry called Mission 7, is no stranger to Calgary’s left-wing government. He was fined by police for feeding the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he is now making enemies for protesting drag queen shows in the area.

According to the Calgary Public Library website, the “Reading With Royalty” story time is scheduled for six remaining shows at five library locations in March and April. The program description says the appropriate age to spend 45 minutes with a homosexual man dressed up as queen or a princess is “0-8.”

Quite tellingly, “Reading with Royalty” can be found on the library website by searching for “LGBTQ+” programs. It does not pop up in a search for “Parents and Family.”

Reimer, who says he is not done protesting the drag queen shows, is calling his initiative “Exposing the Darkness.”

“We know that this is coming,” he says of Christian believers being punished for speaking out. “God’s going to work it out for good.”