After it boycotted most of country, San Fran seeing different kind of red

After it boycotted most of country, San Fran seeing different kind of red

After it boycotted most of country, San Fran seeing different kind of red

The lefty mecca of San Francisco boycotted red states across the country for years, in the name of tolerance and love, but a conservative columnist happily reports the city’s attempt at what she calls “petty payback” has backfired mightily.

In an eye-opening commentary at The Washington Stand, Suzanne Bowdey points to a February 13 city meeting in which a financial report describes an “administrative burden” on city employees and “unintended consequences” for the city’s citizens.

That report, compiled by the City Administrator’s Office, tracked the boycott known as “12X” that began in 2016 and grew to include 30 of 50 states. Because of that shrinking number of business partners, contracting costs have jumped as high as 20%. 

Bowdey, Suzanne Bowdey

“They can't do business with half the country,” Bowdey tells AFN. “And so they're paying 10 to 20% more for these contracts, and it's really become an economic burden that even the most liberal council members are saying now.”

Elsewhere in the report, liberal leaders were informed there is no “concrete evidence” they influenced other states and their stance on trangender rights, abortion, and voting laws.

San Francisco’s liberal leanings go back to the 1960s, when a Republican mayor was in office, but the beginnings of the hippie movement were taking root in artist studios, jazz shows, and poetry readings, according to KQED, the Bay Area’s public radio network. The city’s labor unions, homosexuals, and black leaders began working together to push out Republicans in public office, and soon they gained power in city hall and the state legislature.

Harvey Milk, famous as the first openly homosexual county supervisor, was gunned down by fellow politician Dan White in 1978 along with the city’s liberal mayor, George Moscone. After his death, Mascone’s successor to the mayor’s office was the president of the Board of Supervisors, Dianne Feinstein.

Back in her Washington Stand column, Bowdey points out a half-million Californians have loaded up the moving vans and in recent years and left behind sky-high taxes, rampant crime, and burdensome regulations.

“This latest revelation, that even the city’s cultural retaliation is a failure,” she writes, “will only push more locals to the brink.”

She tells AFN there is a lesson for the red states, too, that have been called transphobic for defending women-only restrooms and accused of hating women for passing strict abortion laws.

“The blue states need the red states more than the conservative states need them,” she insists. “So stick to your guns and pass the policy that your people want and that serves your state's the best.”