If atheists care about school board elections, shouldn't you?

If atheists care about school board elections, shouldn't you?

If atheists care about school board elections, shouldn't you?

A parents-rights group that traces its roots to parent-hating school boards is holding a summit this summer to encourage others to keep fighting the culture war. Meanwhile, examples of that daily battle for children’s minds and hearts can be found across the country.

Moms for Liberty, which formed just two years ago, has announced a second-annual “Joyful Warriors National Summit” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The dates are June 29-July 2.

“We are going to Philadelphia,” Moms co-founder Tina Descovich tells AFN, “because that is where liberty was born in America.”

Moms for Liberty's stated mission is to help parents defend their rights at all levels of government. In reality, however, the main battleground is the public school. That is because parents have awakened, like a sleeping soldier, to learn they are surrounded by a crafty, determined enemy whose strategy is to win over their child. 

Descovich, Tina (Moms for Liberty) Descovich

But some parents are fighting back.

According to a recent Fox News story, a rookie school board member in Arizona, Heather Rooks, demonstrated what can happen when a non-woke parent moves into a school board seat. Just weeks into her new position at Peoria Unified School District, Rooks informed the public a transgender-affirming science textbook, which was being considered for purchase, states “sex is not a binary state, with just two defined outcomes.”

“I mean, these are kids we're talking about,” Rooks told Fox News. “It's not adults making adult decisions. These are children.”

Rooks, who won an open seat in November elections last year, was unhappily described as a “Christian nationalist” by an atheist group, Secular Arizona. According to its website, that radical group backed non-Christian “secular supporting” candidates who ran for school board seats across Arizona. It also opposed “extremist” candidates who support parental rights, armed police in schools, and “back to basics” education in the classroom.

Parents flipped seats in Florida

The first Joyful Warriors summit, which was held in Florida, included speakers such as Gov. Ron DeSantis, Blaze TV host Allie Beth Stuckey, and Dr. Ben Carson.

It made sense for the first summit to take place in Florida, where Moms for Liberty was founded by Florida residents Descovich and Tiffany Justice. Both women served on public schools boards at the time, and both witnessed the arrogance of fellow school board members and the hatred directed at persistent, right-leaning parents who were demanding transparency and an end to Marxist indoctrination.

Just a year after Moms formed, school board elections across Florida made national headlines when numerous liberal school board members lost re-election thanks to the grassroots activism of determined parents.

Just as last year, Descovich says the upcoming Joyful Warriors summit will feature prominent speakers who will encourage attendees and teach them how to recognize and fight far-left indoctrination.

The website for the 2023 summit is here.