Crazy column: Florida's book banner just like Germany's book burner

Crazy column: Florida's book banner just like Germany's book burner

Crazy column: Florida's book banner just like Germany's book burner

A Jewish author and columnist says he was shocked by a newspaper op-ed that downplayed the Holocaust, and did so in the name of equity, by comparing it to banned books and "hate speech."

In recognition of National Holocaust Remembrance Day, someone in Louisville, Kentucky at the Courier Journal newspaper thought it would be a good idea to publish an opinion column that states, “Jews do not have a monopoly on persecution and atrocities.” “I was shocked,” Dr. Michael Brown, a Messianic Jew and columnist for The Stream, tells AFN. “I found it repulsive, even obscene, in certain ways.”

According to a New York Post story, which unhappily quoted the op-ed extensively, it appears the Louisville newspaper published a commentary co-written by four far-left activists who include a local attorney, a former alderwoman, and an abortion rights leader. It appears they were attempting to downplay the Holocaust, and its millions of Jewish victims, in order to elevate others whom they view as victims of society, too. The editorial states:

For one group, for one person, to claim that the hate and violence towards them is more important than another’s, only encourages more acts of violence against others, including Black people, Asians, Hispanics, Muslims, LGBTQ+, transgender and Native Americans.

According to Brown, the editorial’s premise seems to be all victims are equal.

“You're not allowed to have a particular pain,” he says of the reasoning, “because everybody has pain.”

If that is the reasoning, Brown says, it is “truly dangerous” because the murder of six million Jews is being compared to transgender people and deported illegal aliens.

Even the mention of Hitler in the op-ed is downplayed, too, because he was “just one of many dictators.”

So who else is compared to him? Genghis Khan? Joseph Stalin? Chairman Mao? Kim Jong-un? According to the op-ed:

These autocrats masquerade as religious leaders or elected officials, grandstanding with worthless ‘facts’ and ‘solutions’ to non-existent problems, like teaching about race in schools and banning books. 

That sentence is likely a reference to Florida's governor, Ron DeSantis. His banning of Critical Race Theory in an African-American history course, and removing pornographic children's books from school libraries, is just like something Hitler did, the co-writers seem to conclude. 

Meanwhile, Hitler's murderous reign across Europe, which had cost an estimated 78 million lives by 1945, got mentioned just once in the Courier Journal op-ed.  

“Two out of every three European Jews," Brown says of that terrible period, "were slaughtered in cold blood."