Watch a woke newsroom react to 'illegal alien' and 'pregnant woman'

Watch a woke newsroom react to 'illegal alien' and 'pregnant woman'

Watch a woke newsroom react to 'illegal alien' and 'pregnant woman'

The clueless reporters and editors at The New York Times have seemingly stumbled into another world after an online poll revealed how normal people talk and what they believe, but a media watchdog says the real story is how the woke newsroom attempted to deflect its own ignorance.

It is not breaking news to suggest the Times newsroom lives in a far-left bubble of assumptions and assertions, but those beliefs became more evident in recent weeks after the Times opinion page published a long list of words such as “illegal alien” and “birthing parent” and “pregnant women” to survey their daily usage among the public.

CNN lost captive audience after it ran off its best-ever villain

Steve Jordahl, AFN.net

Viewers have abandoned America’s most famous far-left cable news outlets by the millions and a media analyst is floating one reason why: They lost their biggest villain named Donald Trump.

According to an Axios story, MSNBC has shed 21% of its audience and CNN lost even more, 32% percent. By comparison, Democrats’ much-despised enemy, Fox News, has lost 1% of its audience.  

Curtis Houck of Media Research Center says the liberal cable news outlets talked a good game about Trump being a Russian agent, a new Hitler, and a danger to democracy. In reality, he was helping CNN and MSNBC keep their viewers watching.

“Once they realized that Donald Trump was going to go away,” Houck says, “they're hurting.”

Other juicy topics have since dominated the news cycle, such as the Jan. 6 riot and the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago, but they failed to keep the audience interested, Houck concludes.

In the survey, 78% said they refuse to utter the made-up term “Latinx” and 84% said they use the term “master bedroom,” which is wrongly claimed to be associated with slavery.

The survey shows a whopping 86% say they still say “pregnant women” and 90% refuse to say “chestfeeding,” which is a trans-friendly term for "transmasculine" people and hence also gross.

In a helpful and revealing Twitter thread, conservative activist Matthew Foldi highlighted the online reaction from Times staffers over the survey, such as a graphics editor describing his surprise that people utter the phrase “illegal alien.”

“I thought most people had stopped using this term,” the editor writes in a Twitter post, especially since the Times dropped the phrase back in 2013.

In a second example, opinion writer and linguistics expert John McWhorter admits the term “master bedroom” is not related to slavery. Even though the phrase originated in real estate lingo, he writes, “that doesn’t mean there can’t be a discussion as to whether using it now can be taken to suggest that anyway.”

A graphics editor suggested “Third World” is an example of “hierarchy” and a “demeaning” word, and also an “antiquated, fairly offensive phrase.”

Houck, Curtis (MRC) Houck

Reacting to the pearl-clutching Times, Curtis Houck of the Media Research Center says the newspaper staffer failed to grasp their own bias and ignorance. That is because, he says, the woke Left believes it is smarter than you.

“Are they going to realize,” he asks rhetorically, “that their bizarre funhouse use of the English language doesn't fly with the American people?”

In fact, Houck and MRC noticed the Times predictably spun its own survey to mock its opponents. A headline subhead, he points out, suggested people are still using the phrase “woman” despite “panic” from right wingers about the phrase being banned.

It is the Left, the MRC analyst says, that has become the language police that pulls out the handcuffs for words such as "illegal alien."