Leftists declared war over flag that defended families

Leftists declared war over flag that defended families

A grassroots activist named Jessica (left) pushed back against left-wing indoctrination by raising a "nuclear family" flag in her city, Fitchburg. Mayor Stephen DiNatale, who later apologized for permitting the flag, is pictured at right.  

Leftists declared war over flag that defended families

A one-week victory against homosexual activists in blue-state Massachusetts revealed just how shallow their demands for “inclusivity” really are – and who the bullies really are when they don’t get their way.

According to grassroots group MassResistance, it happily threw its support behind a resident of Fitchburg, named Jessica, who wanted to fight the left-wing indoctrination she was witnessing in the public schools and city government.

Her idea was simple: Use the flag pole at a city park to fly a “nuclear family” flag for a week in the name of equal time, since a homosexual “pride” flag had been raised there earlier in the year and flown for a week.

Karen Van Wyk, a spokeswoman for MassResistance, tells AFN the idea was approved by Mayor Stephen DiNatale in the name of equal time and fairness. So the flag was raised at Riverfront Park right before Christmas, December 21.

Then came the predictable response from angry Leftists who are unaccustomed to guerilla warfare in their community, where 68% in Worchester County voted for Joe Biden in 2020.    

“It was a lot of vicious attacks,” Van Wyk recalls. “Not only threats toward the mayor [but] toward everyone who had anything to do with it.”

According to a detailed and eye-opening report by MassResistance, Jessica the rookie activist and Mayor DiNatale witnessed how the community reacted to an flag celebrating the family. Churches in the community were contacted by Jessica and by MassResistance but refused to attend the flag-raising ceremony.

Just two days after the ceremony, where he had praised the nuclear family for making communities strong, Mayor DiNatale posted an apology online to apologize for the “offensiveness” of flying the flag. That apology came after he was blasted with phone calls, emails, and social media posts that accused DiNatale of bigotry and hatred.

According to MassResistance, it was not surprised by the left-wing pushback and “sprang into action” by reminding Mayor DiNatale that a similar flag dispute had been settled by a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Shurtleff v City of Boston. The courts were on Jessica's side. 

According to Van Wyk, the nuclear family is the backbone of America but that didn’t matter to the crazed left-wing reaction in Fitchburg. So the fact the flag even flew, she says, is a victory.  

“I feel that the fact that this was flown is sort of like breaking the barrier of this ridiculousness,” she observes, “that no one has rights but ones that we don't agree with, and we have to just submit to them.”

The right-wing warrior has a response to that left-wing demand. "No," she says.