Lawmakers to address 'big problem' concerning children

Lawmakers to address 'big problem' concerning children

Lawmakers to address 'big problem' concerning children

The president of a ministry that advances the lordship of Christ in the public square says when the Idaho Legislature convenes next Monday, the budget won't be the main topic.

Following a recent "Drag Santa" program hosted by the Idaho Botanical Gardens in Boise, the Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) has been hearing from constituents who argue that drag shows, particularly those held in front of children, ought to be banned.

Conzatti, Blaine (IFPC) Conzatti

"We're seeing drag shows up on stage where drag performers strip tease in front of kids, where drag Santas perform sexually explicit acts, and where sometimes kids are even invited up on stage with the drag performers," relays IFPC President Blaine Conzatti. "This is a big problem, and the Idaho Legislature needs to address it."

He points out that there are already laws in place to protect children from certain content.

"Kids are not allowed to go to strip clubs," Conzatti notes. "They're not allowed to go to adult movie stores, so why should we allow them around sexually explicit performances like drag shows in public places?"

He adds that there is no reason why taxpayers ought to be footing the bill when public facilities are where the shows have been performed.

"It should be no tax dollars should be going to drag performances," the IFPC president submits. "Drag performances should not be taking place in public places on public property. These are sexually explicit exhibitions that have no place in public where kids could be present."

Constituents have made their view of the situation known, and now Conzatti says it is up to the legislature to weigh in and protect the children.