Back to basics: Them Before Us advocates for nuclear family

Back to basics: Them Before Us advocates for nuclear family

Back to basics: Them Before Us advocates for nuclear family

An advocate for children says the backbone of society is strong families, which is why Leftists hate the family and want to destroy it.

"When children cannot rely on their parents, they will rely on somebody,” Katy Faust, in a radio interview, told American Family Radio. “And that is why you've seen Communist, Marxist leaders all across the world, in essence, seek to separate parents from their children often through indoctrination."

One well-known example of that philosophy is the Black Lives Matter group. The group's website stated on its website that ending the nuclear family was among its goals, even though crime, poverty, and poor public schools can be traced back to broken homes in minority neighborhoods. 

Faust, an author and activist, leads the group Them Before Us which advocates for children’s rights in a post-modern culture that ignores their needs. In one example, the group says a same-sex couple that adopts is focusing on the wishes of adults and ignoring the basic needs of children to be raised by a mother and father.

Faust, Katy Faust

“Yes, parents have a right to their children, to direct their upbringing and their education,” Faust told the “AFA at the Core” program. “But children have a right to their parent as well. Too often children are being treated as accessories or commodities, something to which adults are owed, instead of gifts around which adults must conform their lives.”

Them Before Us also advocates for governments to recognize the importane of the nuclear family and to create policies that promote and defend it.

“Good government should be encouraging the natural family unit, the married mother and father,” Faust said, “which is the only relationship that unites the two people to whom children have a natural right, to their mom and dad."