Kids at risk from Dems' 'sickening' lies praising LGBTQ movement: Bauer

Kids at risk from Dems' 'sickening' lies praising LGBTQ movement: Bauer

Kids at risk from Dems' 'sickening' lies praising LGBTQ movement: Bauer

A Christian activist who's been working inside the Capital Beltway for decades says Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are "all in on cultural and moral relativism" – and that, he says, "ought to scare the daylights out of the American people."

As the U.S. hurdles down the path to the normalization of gender confusion and sexual dysfunction, an increasing number of people are regretting the permanent changes they are doing to their bodies. Yet, Democrats in Congress are holding hearings on the alleged threats and violence they say is directed at the transgender community.

Republicans, however, are on those committees too, and occasionally are able to score some points. That's what happened this week during a hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Texas Republican Michael Cloud asked one of the transgender experts about all the people trying to detransition:

Jessie Pocock: "I can't really speak to individuals' personal experience … Someone's gender is just a really personal experience. But I can tell you, I've been in this work a long time, I know a lot of trans folks, close friends, family members – and I've just never heard of a case of anyone detransitioning. So, I honestly don't think it's a real thing."

Gary Bauer of Campaign for Working Families says that's a lie. "This whole [LGBTQ+] movement is built on lies – and sadly, the lies are increasingly aimed at children," he laments.

"In the early 1990s, Democrats denied that they wanted civil unions. They were lying. In the mid-2000s, Democrats denied that they wanted same-sex marriage. They were lying. Now Democrats say they don't want religious discrimination or educational indoctrination. They are lying."

Columnist Ben Shapiro
December 15, 2022

Bauer contends thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of former transgenders want to turn back the clock and detransition. But for many, it's too late because of the effects of hormone blockers and the permanence of sex-change surgeries.

AFN asked Bauer why the numbers are so hard to come by. "You've got a lobby that is making billions of dollars, laughing all the way to the bank [and] leaving behind them wrecked lives, deeply depressed people," he responds.

And the lies, Bauer argues, go all the way to the top. "It was beyond sickening this week to hear President Biden at the White House say that conservatives and Republicans and right-wingers are targeting transgender children. The truth is exactly the opposite," he states.

Bauer is referring to the big celebration at the White House earlier this week after Democrats and rogue Republicans in Congress pushed through the misnamed Respect for Marriage Act. The guests included a who's-who of leftist Hollywood celebrities and entertainers – and not surprisingly, the LGBTQ+ community was well represented … including several controversial drag queens.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"This is a real sickness that's loose in our culture and our society. It's confusing and endangering our children," he offers. "And the Democratic Party with its leader Joe Biden is all in on this cultural and moral relativism – and that ought to scare the daylights out of the American people."

Christians, says Bauer, need to stay in the fight. "Some Christians see the defeats we've suffered on some of these important issues and their reaction is to go back home and wait for the Rapture," he tells AFN.

"But in the meantime, you'd better be working as hard as you can work for good and for moral policies and for decency, because someday soon you're going to stand before the throne [of God] and it's not going to suffice … to say Well, I knew you were coming, so I just got out of the battle."

Now more than ever, he urges, believers need to step up to save the country as well as America's families and children.