Activists learn lesson on activism: Show up, speak out, don't quit

Activists learn lesson on activism: Show up, speak out, don't quit

Activists learn lesson on activism: Show up, speak out, don't quit

Outraged citizens who are urging public libraries to remove vulgar children’s books have learned that task can be challenging, but a grassroots group that has seen positive results has a simple suggestion: Just keep trying.

Across the country, determined Mass Resistance community activists have proven they will not be chased away by name-calling Leftists or fooled by foot-dragging politicians. In northern Idaho, a Mass Resistance chapter in Kootenai County has been battling a library director and the library board for over a year over transgender-themed and homosexual-themed children’s books.

Arthur Schaper of Mass Resistance tells AFN the local activists have been “unrelenting” in keeping up the pressure on the library director and five-person board to admit they are offering obscene reading materials to innocent children.

Back in October, library director Amy Rodda surprised the community by announcing she was resigning over “unforeseen family circumstances” back in her home state of Colorado.

According to Schaper, Rodda was stepping down after Mass Resistance members faithfully attended monthly library board meetings for over a year. Their pleas to remove books went ignored for months until July, when a Mass Resistance activist read aloud a sex scene in a young adult novel, Tricks, that is marketed to teenagers. That reading angered a second Resistance activist, who called the seated library board members a “den of perverts” for sitting there smugly while listening to pornography.

Schaper, Arthur (MassResistance) Schaper

“I’m sick of you,” the activist said. “This is disgusting. This little town if full of innocence and you’re ruining it with your smut.”

Yet it took months for the pressure to build enough for Rodda – who defended the books and mocked the protests – to finally quit. And now some of those board members are attempting to enact new guidelines to keep the obscene materials off the shelf and to be more transparent about new materials.

“And now the culmination of it,” Schaper happily says, “is the library director resigned.”