Floridians 'well pleased' with their anti-woke guv

Floridians 'well pleased' with their anti-woke guv

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and family on Election Night, Nov. 8, 2022.

Floridians 'well pleased' with their anti-woke guv

A conservative activist in Florida who recalls not initially supporting Ron DeSantis now is giving his popular Republican governor an "atta boy."

After three two-year terms in the U.S. House of Representatives (Florida's 6th District), DeSantis entered the 2018 gubernatorial race in the Sunshine State. He won the Republican primary, defeating his main opponent (Adam Putnam); then in the general election narrowly defeated Democrat Andrew Gillum (49.6% to 49.2%). Last week – after four years in office – DeSantis crushed another Democrat, Charlie Crist, by almost 20 points (59.4% to 40%).

During an interview on American Family Radio this week, John Stemberger of Florida Family Policy Council called DeSantis, 44, a remarkable human being.

Stemberger, John (Trail Life USA) Stemberger

"Sadly enough, most of us opposed him in the primary years ago," said Stemberger. "We wanted Adam Putnam because he was the guy who'd been around for a long time. But the public chose Ron DeSantis – and in God's providence it was the right choice."

Stemberger also appreciates Florida's First Lady, Casey DeSantis.

"His wife is kind of the 'secret sauce' behind him. I think she is probably more conservative and more Christian than he is, even," said the pro-family activist. "He really is motivated more by the Constitution, by the Founding Fathers … and he's well-versed in The Federalist Papers."

Stemberger went on to say that DeSantis has used those principles to challenge corporations such as Disney and support the rights of parents regarding their children's education.

"He's committed to protecting children," Stemberger added, "so we've been very well pleased with his performance."

Even before his overwhelming victory on November 8, DeSantis' name was in the discussion about potential GOP presidential candidates for 2024.