Support for Israel goal of D.C. gathering

Support for Israel goal of D.C. gathering

Support for Israel goal of D.C. gathering

People are gathering in Washington, D.C. tonight to vocally support and defend the nation of Israel.

Latino Coalition for Israel is hosting the event. Talking about the event on "Washington Watch," LCI president and church pastor Mario Bramnick said America is currently at a very critical juncture in the history of our nation on many fronts. U.S. support for biblical Israel, he said, is one of them.

"If we turn our backs against Israel, we can no longer presume upon the grace and protection of the Lord,” Bramnick said, referring to Genesis 12:1 which warns about blessings and cursings.

Tonight's event is being held at the Museum of the Bible.

Bramnick said tonight's guests include Gilad Erdan, who is Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. Well-known Israel supporters Sam Brownback, former congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, and U.S. Sen. Rick Scott are expected to attend, too. 

“So we have got quite an event, all of which [is] talking about the importance of U.S.-Israel relations," the church pastor told the radio program. "And a strong support of Israel, which is so important for our own security and also the protection of the Lord over our nation."