Religious freedom, biblical marriage on Senate chopping block

Religious freedom, biblical marriage on Senate chopping block

Religious freedom, biblical marriage on Senate chopping block

The misnamed "Respect for Marriage Act" is likely to get a vote in the Senate on Wednesday. A prominent pro-family group warns that if the measure passes, it would be bad news for religious freedom.

The Democrat-authored Respect for Marriage Act (H.R.8404) would put the right to same-sex unions into law and make it hard – if not impossible – for swaths of Americans to live out their Christian faith in the public square.

"The Left knows this," says an Action Alert from American Family Association, "and they are hoping the American public doesn't care. They are hoping Christians will be divided – and silent. We cannot be silent. We must tell the truth about marriage."

Ed Vitagliano, vice president of American Family Association, explains H.R.8404 would weaponize the government against the Church and its members. "This is going to turn loose the federal government in a widespread effort to persecute those who support biblical marriage," he tells AFN.

Vitagliano, Ed (AFA VP) Vitagliano

The bill supposedly writes in "protections" for religious freedom – but Vitagliano argues those protections are inadequate. And furthermore, he says, "gay" activists would never allow religious liberty to be protected.

"Homosexual activists have made it clear that they will not tolerate dissenting voices from the Christian community," he emphasizes. "This bill, and others probably to come in the future, will be targeting religious freedom in this country … and Christians must fight this fight."

The bill passed in the House in July with nearly 50 GOP votes. Democrats need to find ten Republicans to join in for the legislation to pass the Senate. Three or four have already jumped ship, but many are refusing to say where they stand on the bill. Vitagliano reminds GOP lawmakers: "The Republican platform is very clear that natural marriage is what the GOP supports – and that is, marriage between one man and one woman."

American Family Association has asked its supporters and other advocates for biblical marriage to contact their senators, urging them to vote "No" on the Respect for Marriage Act.

"And make sure they understand you do not want this bill supported by Republicans," Vitagliano concludes.