America's veterans called on to display true leadership for the country

America's veterans called on to display true leadership for the country

America's veterans called on to display true leadership for the country

In order to thwart what he says are Joe Biden's efforts to "destroy military readiness from the inside out," a retired Army officer is urging America's veterans to show the country what real leadership looks like.


Ever since Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced a military "vaccine" mandate in August 2021, the Department of Defense has gone to great lengths to force service members to take the COVID-19 jab. Nearly two years later, proof of the injections' ineffectiveness hasn't dissuaded the U.S. military from continuing efforts that weaken military readiness.

That's according to Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Restore Liberty co-founder Darin Gaub, a former aviation officer with 22 years of flying experience in the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.

Gaub tells American Family News he is gravely concerned about the future of the military – particularly whether it will be able to recover from the number of service members lost due the mandate, the damage done to recruiting, and the overall acceptance of "woke" ideology within its ranks. It's all part of "a dedicated, dangerous plan of the Biden administration to destroy military readiness from the inside out," he argues.

The retired officer acknowledges the uncertainty facing the country – and its defense forces.

Gaub, Darin (Restore Liberty) Gaub

"[Yet] America's military and veteran population remains the most respected group of people to most of the nation," he says. "[That's why] the time has come for military veterans to stand together for the nation and maintain their oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

Gaub encourages every veteran who currently serves or has once answered the call to defend the country to "continue leading even when the time comes where he or she is no longer in uniform."

"For those who know what real leadership looks like," he continues, "it's time to stand in the gap where others will not. Veterans can bring the country back from the tyranny of authoritarianism and communism that has forced its way into the fabric of America."

He suggests several ways for veterans and likeminded Americans to take immediate action – including running for school board, city commissions or councils, state legislatures, and more. He also emphasizes the importance of "supporting good candidates for political office" as well as a need to "speak up and expose the truth."

Finally, Gaub argues: "The nation doesn't need to be run by celebrities or bureaucrats, but by veterans and those willing to come alongside them and put their lives on the line."

Gaub's nonprofit organization, Restore Liberty, bases its efforts on the ideas found within a Declaration of Constitutional Consent – which the group says "reestablishes the relationship between the free citizens of the States and the central government, denouncing the usurpations of their consent by the latter." Restore Liberty currently has regional directors in more than 30 states.