MassResistance pressing on

MassResistance pressing on

MassResistance pressing on

A grassroots effort in rural Wyoming is excited about what next week's elections could mean for their local library.

AFN has reported that families in Gillette, Wyoming noticed filthy books in the children's section of the Campbell County Library. Hugh Bennett of Wyoming MassResistance says knowing they had to patient, they took action to simply get the books moved to age-appropriate sections, not removed from the library altogether.

"As more and more people found out about it, we started having crowds of people showing up at the county commissioners' meetings," Bennett details. "They're the ones who appoint the library board in Gillette, and they were unresponsive. The county commissioners, two of them were very conservative, and the other three were milquetoast at best and apparently had very liberal leanings."

Local residents kept applying pressure, attending every library board meeting and the monthly county commissioner sessions. Breakthroughs were reported in April.

"Two of the county commissioners ran for their seat again, and one of them ran for a state representative seat in the state Congress, the House of Representatives in Wyoming," Bennett reports. "All three of the county commissioners that resisted our attempts to get the pornography out of the children's section of the library were soundly defeated."

While Wyoming MassResistance is pleased with the progress, they understand that the battle is not over yet. Next week is the election that will determine whether there is enough strength to bring the library around.

Already, though, the library has disaffiliated from the liberal American Library Association, which supports child indoctrination.