Timely biopic coming to the big screen

Timely biopic coming to the big screen

Timely biopic coming to the big screen

A new film about a former racist firefighter-turned-pastor who started one of the South's first integrated churches will soon be in theaters.

Nick Logan is one of the producers of "Paul's Promise," a film he recently told AFR's "Today's Issues" program is based on the life of Paul Holderfield, whose "journey to hope and healing during a troubled time in our nation's history" resulted in his decision to serve God and stand up to injustice – a story that "continues to make a huge impact on the community to this day."

Logan, Nick (Paul's Promise movie) Logan

"He was a Nazarene pastor, and he was a total bigot," Logan detailed. "Having grown up through the '60s, where my family actually marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, I said, 'I've got to read this.' I read this story and was just compelled that we needed to make the film."

Logan says the project "ran into a lot of issues" along the way, but God was gracious and allowed them to finish. Now, it is ready to hit theaters October 21.

PaulsPromiseMovie.com lists the locations where the film will be shown, and Logan advises anyone who does not see their local theater on the list to "please hit the demand button and tell us where you'd like it to be."

"We are prepared to bring it out to 2,000 theaters," Logan added.

Shari Rigby ("October Baby," "Overcomer") and Dean Cain ("Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," "God's Not Dead," "Break Every Chain") are among those appearing in "Paul's Promise."