Mapping all the Jews to help 'Palestine'

Mapping all the Jews to help 'Palestine'

Mapping all the Jews to help 'Palestine'

Nothing will be done about antisemitism, warns a Jewish leader, until people recognize it and punish those who engage in it.

The latest example of antisemitism is the so-called “Mapping Project,” which was performed in Massachusetts over the summer by the anti-Israel BDS movement. After it was completed, approximately 500 organizations and individuals were recorded across the state in the name of “deeper understanding of local institutional support for the colonization of Palestine…”

Dov Hikind of Americans Against AntiSemitism tells AFN the information sets the stage for attacks against Jews whose lives are now in danger.

“It takes unbelievable chutzpah – unbelievable audacity – to do something like this,” Hikind warns, “because you believe you can get away with it, that there'll be no consequences. And, by the way, there are no consequences.”

Among the long list of mapped sites is Wellesley College, a private and exclusive women’s campus. Wellesley made the list because the college offers free trips to visit Israel and a class offered to students analyzes the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Hikind, Dov (Americans Against Antisemitism) Hikind

The school’s student newspaper, meanwhile, called the Mapping Project a “vital service” because the public is forced to reconsider the “systemic harm” caused by supporting Israel.

According to Hikind, there is one solution for pushing back on antisemitism which is punishing those who are engaging in it and condone it.

“The only way to wake up America is for America to vote,” he tells AFN. "And to vote for the people who they believe are more compassionate to the victims of crime rather than being compassionate for those who commit the crimes, for the perpetrators.”