For PP, today's cartoon is tomorrow's profit

For PP, today's cartoon is tomorrow's profit

For PP, today's cartoon is tomorrow's profit

A former employee of Planned Parenthood says its scheme to convince little ones that changing genders is okay is about one thing … and it isn't health.

Monica Cline, who used to work for the abortion conglomerate as a sex educator, tells AFN Planned Parenthood's new cartoon video about kids needing hormone therapy or mutilation surgery to help them match up to their gender identity or "how they feel inside about themselves" has something in common with their pro-abortion cartoons.

"It makes money," she states plainly. "Planned Parenthood has been doing this for quite some time, as far as giving out hormone puberty blockers to children within an hour of visiting Planned Parenthood," she details. "There is no counseling. There is no assessment. It is literally meeting with Planned Parenthood."

The video encourages puberty blockers to delay the onset of puberty so that kids can figure out their gender identity.

Cline, Monica (It Takes A Family) Cline

"They work like a stop sign, by holding the hormones testosterone and estrogen that cause puberty changes like facial hair growth and periods," the video says, calling puberty blockers a "safe" way to give kids "more time to figure out what feels right for you."

Once they get a child or young teen started on the gender transition process, Cline points out that Planned Parenthood has locked in a paying customer for years – much like how encouraging children to have sex creates future prospects for abortion.

"It's shocking to people who believe in absolute truth, who believe in medical truth and biological truth to see this organization lie to children, the way that they are targeting them to destroy their lives," Cline tells AFN. "It is still shocking to me, but at the same time, it's not surprising that they're doing this."

Cline, who founded It Takes A Family after leaving Planned Parenthood, now works to expose the truth behind comprehensive sex education and the harm it causes children, families, and the community. In her effort to encourage parents to "reclaim parenthood" and become their children's greatest advocates and educators, she says parents can protect their own children by staying involved.