A tool for the Antichrist is at play

A tool for the Antichrist is at play

A tool for the Antichrist is at play

Social credit systems, which are already being used in some parts of the world, are a big concern for some.

Author Steve Miller recently told the "Understanding the Times" radio program that everyone in China's social credit system starts out with the same score. Then, based off of how a person behaves, points are either awarded to or subtracted from that total score. So the government is able to coerce people to conform to its wishes.

"This social credit system in China is all-encompassing," Miller noted. "It involves all of life."

Bologna, Italy has also created a social credit system.

"They want people to behave in certain ways that coordinate with green policies, so they punish people or reward people based on that," said Miller. "All of Europe is watching."

He believes more social credit systems are coming.

Miller, Steve (author) Miller

"It's only natural that what's going to happen is governments are going to say, 'Look, these systems are a way that we can get people to cooperate and stay in line with our wishes,' and so they're going to make more use of them," Miller suspects.

And it will be accomplished through surveillance technology.

"Surveillance technology makes it possible for a government to electronically supervise or oversee everything that's going on," the author explained. "Dictators know that if they can watch what everyone is doing, and they can electronically track what everyone is doing, they can exercise greater control over their people."

That involves controlling the information people have access to at any time.

"All of this makes sense because we know that in Revelation 13:7, it talks about how ultimately the Antichrist will have control of the entire world," Miller referenced. "The one way he's going to be able to do that is to have the kind of surveillance technology that's available to us now."