Another black eye for America's foreign policy

Another black eye for America's foreign policy

Another black eye for America's foreign policy

The U.S. State Department is looking for organizations that will help spread atheism and humanism throughout the globe.

Specifically sought are organizations that will help form or strengthen godless networks, lobby foreign governments for the acceptance of atheism, and create ads in foreign countries touting the worldview.

Congressman Jim Banks (IN), head of the House Republican Study Committee, has penned a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken demanding an explanation.

Banks, Rep. Jim (R-Indiana) Banks

"The State Department under President Biden put out a competitive process to award grants of up to a half-million dollars to organizations who are committed to the practice of spreading atheism or humanism, and specifically in South and Central Asia or the Middle East and North Africa," says Banks.

He says the State Department is using religious freedom as a cover for this unconstitutional government endorsement of religion. But given the Biden administration's antipathy toward faith, he suspects there is a darker motive.

"I think this probably has something to do with efforts by this administration to weaken the faith systems and the institutions in these countries," Banks submits. "Does the Biden administration want to convert Muslims in North Africa to atheism? And if so, why? Also, a number of these countries would have a large Catholic population. Why are they trying to spread atheism in countries with a large Catholic population?

The congressman calls it another black eye for U.S. foreign policy, saying it is "embarrassing" and that it "weakens America's posture and strength around the world."