Americans aren't buying what trans agenda is selling

Americans aren't buying what trans agenda is selling

Americans aren't buying what trans agenda is selling

A recent survey clearly indicates the American public doesn't agree with the "woke" crowd's attitude towards transgenderism and permanent, gender-altering surgery.

It's hard to avoid: the media and the American education establishment seem to be constantly pushing messages in support of transgenderism without limits. Drag queens are performing before children, trans activists are trying to convince the public their lifestyle is normal – and even the president of the United States has issued statements accusing Americans of "systemic discrimination" against LGBTQ+ individuals. But there are indications it's backfiring.

Summit Ministries is a Colorado-based ministry that champions a biblical worldview and conducts conferences for young adults so they are confident in biblical truth. Along with McLaughlin and Associates, Summit conducted a poll showing that nearly all American adults believe it's wrong for children to undergo permanent gender alteration before they turn 18.

Summit president Dr. Jeff Myers spoke with AFN about the survey results and the topic of gender-alteration surgery.

Myers, Dr. Jeff (Summit Ministries) Myers

"I think a lot of people view it as almost a form of child abuse," he tells American Family News. "[Our survey indicates that] 90% of Americans say that people should wait – and only 10% said that minors should be encouraged to undergo those kinds of procedures."

Those procedures are experimental procedures; while the full impact of them isn't known, it's clear the effect is lifelong. Yet children in many parts of the U.S. are being taught in school that being trans is okay – when in truth it's a mental problem. According to the survey, opposition to pro-trans teaching to elementary-age students crosses all political lines.

"All voters – Republican, Democrat and Independent – think it's a bad idea to teach gender ideology and to use a sexualized kind of curriculum for elementary students," Myers explains. "Only 24% of Americans – one in four Americans – think that it's a good, healthy thing to do in the schools."

It's sad, he concludes, that teachers in many cases are being required to include curriculum about sexual identity during class time – something many of them don't support, but comply in order to keep their jobs.

The nationwide survey of 1,000 likely election voters was conducted April 22-26.