Reminder to liberal educators: They're OUR kids, not yours

Reminder to liberal educators: They're OUR kids, not yours

Reminder to liberal educators: They're OUR kids, not yours

Liberals are doing their best to rally the troops ahead of the mid-term elections, but so are conservatives – and one big issue involves education.

For the past several days, delegates of the National Education Association (NEA) gathered in Chicago to discuss various topics – including Republican-led education reforms in various states. Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to the delegates on Wednesday and took the opportunity to criticize Republicans:

Harris: "These so-called leaders have tried to make you pawns of their political agenda. Because while you work hard to inspire the dreams and ambitions of our next generation, they dare question your dedication, your motivation, and your value."

NEA president Becky Pringle (pictured above) was even more "in your face" with her comments on Sunday:

Pringle: "We will say 'gay.' We will say 'trans.' We will use the words that validate our students and their families – words that encourage them to walk in their authenticity, to love themselves fully, to become who they are meant to be!"

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council (FRC) offered a response on his "Washington Watch" radio program on Wednesday.

Perkins, Tony (FRC - mug shot) Perkins

"We will say that's why parents need to be involved and remove this type of indoctrination from classrooms," said Perkins. "Look, they need to know that conservatives will not stop fighting for this nation and for our children – not theirs, our children."

Not every teacher was standing and applauding during Pringle's remarks about gay and transgender students. Meg Kilgannon, FRC's senior fellow in education studies, pointed that out on Washington Watch.

"But this is an incredibly partisan organization that has a lot of muscle – and they use it on behalf of their friends in the Democratic Party," said Kilgannon.