Abortion supporters are coming clean

Abortion supporters are coming clean

Abortion supporters are coming clean

With the House Pro Choice Caucus rebranding and no longer encouraging the use of the word "choice" as it regards to abortion, one Christian apologist gives them credit for finally being open and honest.

Congressional Democrats recently wandered the halls of the Capitol in D.C. while chanting an almost familiar slogan: "My body, my decision." Some commenters suggest the new wording may be the result of the caucus' advice, which was issued as midterm elections near.

Another language change is that people should no longer aim to see that abortion is "safe, legal, and rare" but "safe, legal, and accessible." They are also now okay with the "pro-abortion" label.

Dr. Alex McFarland of "Exploring the Word" on American Family Radio says playing with the language has always been a tool of the left.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

"People with an agenda use language very carefully, very selectively, [and] I would say at times very maliciously," he notices. "The abortion industry, they have paved the way for the use of language, the creative use of language to foment an ideology."

But in this case, he says they seem to be shifting from out-and-out misleading language to more accurate phrasing. They are now open about the fact that they do not care about making the termination of children in the womb rare, and they willingly admit their view of abortion as a good thing.

With the potential loss of Roe v. Wade, McFarland says their anger has intensified, and it has blinded them into thinking that everyone is as "pro-abortion" as they are.

"There's not mere disagreement; there's vitriol [and] there's rage about the core conviction of life," he observes. "Yet, they're coming very clean with who they actually are. They're pro-abortionists."

And while abortion advocates are yelling for the death of babies in the womb, McFarland submits that they are actually yelling at God.

"The question of abortion and the legality of it is a spiritual question with multi layers of spiritual implications and conclusions," he asserts.