Activist's sad testimony not an argument for abortion

Activist's sad testimony not an argument for abortion

A protester holds up a sign with pictures of Supreme Court Justices Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Samuel Alito, Amy Coney Barrett, and Neil Gorsuch, as demonstrators protest outside of the U.S. Supreme Court, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in Washington.

Activist's sad testimony not an argument for abortion

Ask a pro-abortion activist about their mother choosing abortion, and it usually shuts down the debate – but not always.

The leak almost two weeks ago of the draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade has sent angry liberals to protest in front of the homes of the five conservative justices on the high court. One of those activists latched on to the "My Body, My Choice" trope, and followed it up with this sad statement:

Protester: "My mother didn't have a choice, so I'm here – but I have had 67 years of misery. If she had a choice, she would've made a different decision and I might not have been here – and nobody would've been the wiser. That choice was made for her because she didn't have it, and she brought children into the world that she didn't want."

AFN spoke with Dr. Robert Jeffress of First Baptist-Dallas about the protester's statements. He points out God is the author of life – and the only one who has the right to take it away.

Jeffress, Rev. Robert (FBC Dallas) Jeffress

"The fact that a woman may hate her own life, or a man for that matter, is not an argument for abortion," says Jeffress. "The fact is the gift of life is a gift from God – and we don't have the right to destroy any life, even our own."

But beyond that, the Southern Baptist pastor says at some point it ceases to be about abortion.

"I thought [the woman's testimony] was intensely sad," he offers. "We need to put away, for a moment, the rhetoric and just pray that people like that would find Jesus Christ as their Savior and have a relationship with God."