Values may not matter, but cash does

Values may not matter, but cash does

Values may not matter, but cash does

With help from lawmakers who share their traditional values, parents finally have the attention of the state's libraries.

Parents in Idaho have been critical of libraries for promoting books on homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like in the children's sections. Since the libraries chose to ignore those concerns, state Representative Julianne Young (R) took up the banner in the legislature to correct the situation.

"In this particular situation, the library association was just kind of thumbing their nose at the concerns that had been raised and had not been willing to come to the table in any way," Young reports. "In fact, they were working very hard to undermine efforts to address these important concerns."

Young, Julianne (R-ID) Young

So the state legislature passed a bill that cut $4 million in funds, mostly federal, from going to Idaho's libraries. Young tells American Family News the lawmakers deemed the material in question to be so inappropriate that they would not even read it themselves.

"The examples that were provided to us were so offensive and so objectionable in terms of graphic sexual content that we were not allowed to distribute them on the House floor," the representative reports. "We can't print them in a newspaper alongside an article about the bill."

So the adults in politics would not subject themselves to the content that libraries are encouraging their young visitors to read.

Now that the money has been withdrawn from the libraries, officials are willing to sit down and discuss the issue. That will likely happen this summer.