Appling denounces abortion-loving Left after building firebombed

Appling denounces abortion-loving Left after building firebombed

The Madison, Wisconsin office building for a conservative group, Wisconsin Family Action, was hit with a Molotov cocktail and graffiti over the weekend. 

Appling denounces abortion-loving Left after building firebombed

The weekend firebombing of a conservative group is the latest act from an unhinged Left that is become more crazed over losing Roe v Wade and thus a constitutionally-protected right to kill the unborn.

In Madison, Wisconsin, firefighters extinguished a fire Sunday morning that broke out in an office building housing Wisconsin Family Action, a right-leaning group whose president, Julaine Appling, is interviewed regularly by AFN.

Reporting on the incident, The Associated Press said authorities recovered at least one Molotov cocktail inside the office where it was tossed through a window. It appears a second firebomb failed to ignite. The office was also vandalized with the message:

If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either

As of Monday afternoon, no arrests have been made in the attack.

Appling told the AP she considers the attack a “direct threat” against her group since it happened just days after the draft opinion on the Dobbs abortion case was leaked from the U.S. Supreme Court. That leak, which is unprecedented for the nation's highest court, made its way to news website Politico which reported on the majority opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, in a Monday, May 2 story.

Since then, after the public learned five justices could overturn Roe, Democrats and their media allies have seemingly gone ballistic over the high court overturning their sacred-like 1973 decision. The left-wing reaction has been apocalyptic-like predictions that women will die, that democracy is over, and that the court will rule against interracial marriage next.  

Appling, Juliane (Wisconsin Family Council) Appling

The ongoing freak-out is a curious one to witness, however, since Democrats were already predicting the public would learn in a few weeks the Supreme Court had overturned Roe, since the court releases its decisions starting in June. Nevertheless, the Right is witnessing the Left react violently to the draft opinion that was leaked. 

“This is the local manifestation of the anger and the lack of tolerance from the pro-abortion people,” Appling said, “toward those of us who are pro-life.”

That comment was likely a specific reference to where Wisconsin Family Action operates: Madison is a city infamous for its “progressive” history, meaning radical Marxists, where Black Lives Matter protesters threw a Molotov cocktail into a government building, which was occupied, in 2020.

How crazed are the city’s radical activists? During that same protest, rioters toppled a statue of famous abolitionist Hans Christian Heg and destroyed a feminist statue stamped with the word “Forward.”

Also during the weekend, pro-abortion protesters demonstrated outside the homes of right-leaning Supreme Court justices in a breach of decorum that is even radical for left-wing, street-level politics.

A left-wing group named Ruth Sent Us, named after Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the late feminist Supreme Court justice, listed the addresses of six right-learning justices online and urged the public to demonstrate in front of the homes of the “extremist” members of the Supreme Court, who were identified as Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and John Roberts.

Michael Morris of the Media Research Center tells AFN the left-wing group is guilty of doxxing the justices, which means using social media to identify and harass a target, and he says that violates the policy of Google, Twitter, and other major sites.

“Ruth Sent Us posted a promotional video of its Walk by Wednesday doxxing campaign on its Instagram and Tiktok with the website pasted over [the video] on April 30,” Morris says. “That is two days before the Politico leak of the Roe decision came out.”

In other words, according to MRC, the left-wing group was coincidentally organizing a “Walk by Wednesday” protest in front of the justices just days before the Politico story published, which has unleashed a torrent of hate, death threats, and political activism.

AFN reported last week it is likely the draft opinion was likely leaked in a desperate attempt to rally Democrats for the midterms. 

"I hate to begin the week with this," Stephen Kruiser, a senior columnist at PJ Media, wrote in a Monday commentary, "but I’ve got some bad news for the optimists out there: the rift between the right and the left in America isn’t going to get better. In fact, it’s not really a rift anymore. It’s more of a widening ideological chasm that will no doubt soon reach Grand Canyon proportions."