Folks have forgotten that their voice matters

Folks have forgotten that their voice matters

Folks have forgotten that their voice matters

A pastor says a recent decision made by some of his town's leaders is an example of the kinds of consequences elections can have.

Pastor Chris Powell of Haven Baptist Church in Kansas does not think the Haven City Council's recent vote to remove the phrase "In God We Trust" from police vehicles reflects the community's beliefs.

Powell, Chris (Haven Baptist Church) Powell

"I've learned that part of the issue was about only 15% of our people voted in our last election," Powell recently told the "Washington Watch" radio program. "It's tough to get a fair representation of how the people in the community truly feel when voting numbers are so low."

Mayor Adam Wright, who is a non-voting member of the council, disagrees with the decision to remove the decals.

"Whenever we are in emergency, we rely on [police], so they have to put their trust in something else besides human aspects," Wright said in an article published on Kansas.com.

News outlet KWCH reports Councilwoman Sandra Williams also voiced concerns about the department's use of scripture on the department's Facebook page.

"I absolutely believe that this will be one of those moments that people clearly understand that their voice in their community matters," said Pastor Powell. "There's already been discussions about when elections will occur, when city council seats will be available, and I think we will see a much bigger group of people interested in that sort of thing."