Life Legal is on Jason's side

Life Legal is on Jason's side

Life Legal is on Jason's side

A legal organization that's committed to life, especially life that is vulnerable, is fighting for a disabled man whose wife and pastor are not.

He is identified only as Jason, and his town of residence not disclosed. Jason suffered a brain injury six months ago while undergoing brain surgery, and he now must receive nutrition and hydration through a feeding tube.

Snyder, Alexandra (LLDF) Snyder

"He's responsive," reports Alexandra Snyder of the Life Legal Defense Foundation, who is following the case. "He is able to communicate with his family by signing yes and no. He can follow simple commands like that. When his sister described the treatment options to him in terms of a brain rehabilitation and he was asked, 'Do you want to get that treatment,' he gave a thumbs up and said yes."

But despite his wishes and those of many of his family members, his spouse wants to discontinue treatment – something Snyder says is unfortunate but common. In fact, Jason's wife and her pastor, who are both Christians, want the hospital to pull the plug.

"We are working with the family's attorney and fighting for him to make sure that he gets the treatment that he needs and to kind of remove these threats to his life through the legal process," Snyder assures American Family News.

A brain rehab facility has evaluated Jason and determined that he is a good candidate for continued essential treatment.