Republican women's groups won't reflect lies

Republican women's groups won't reflect lies

Republican women's groups won't reflect lies

Some Republican women's organizations are changing their bylaws because of a recent experience in California.

Gina Roberts is the name of a man in Escondido, California who, according to Arthur Schaper of MassResistance, used social media to bully his way into Republican circles as a woman.

Schaper, Arthur (MassResistance) Schaper

"'Just try to prevent me from going to the bathroom of my choice, and four law firms will step up to defend me,'" Schaper reads from one of Roberts' notices. "In other words, he relied on litigation and government abuse to force his falsehood on the public."

Roberts joined and was later elected president of the Republican Women's Federated chapter in Escondido, despite pushback from those who valued the organization's bylaws.

"It is a blatant violation of the bylaws of the California Republican Women's Federated and the National Federation of Republican Women," Schaper explains. "Only women are allowed to be officers and elected officials within clubs or within statewide organizations."

Because of the pressure MassResistance ignited, the latest word is that Roberts has resigned from his position. Additionally, many of the Republican women's chapters in California and elsewhere are now rewording their bylaws to reflect the salient fact that a woman is a person who is biologically female.

"It cannot be a man who throws on a dress and then changes his birth certificate to reflect a lie," Schaper concludes.